Workshop on Reading and Writing Research Articles

Post date: Apr 14, 2016 1:38:34 PM

Dr. Mohamed Eldessouki held a training workshop at Mansoura University (Mansoura Egypt) on "The effective reading and writing of Research Articles". The workshop extended for three hours on Wednesday March 9th, 2016 (from 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM) and it was dedicated to those who write their technical work.

The targeted audience were demonstrators and teaching assistance who might write their Master or PhD thesis, as well as undergraduate students who might write their graduation projects. The workshop had two parts; one on "Reading" and the other on "Writing" research articles. It is important to know the main parts of a research article (that was called the anatomy of a research article) which were delivered in the first part of the workshop, before talking about the recommendations for writing a research articles and the functions of each part (that was called the physiology of a research article) which was delivered in the second part of the workshop.

Pictures of the event are posted below: