micro-struCtural imaging as a Tool for modelinG fibrOus materiALS


Post date: October 14, 2018 03:26:09 PM

The INTER EXCELLENCE – ACTION program by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) in the Czech Republic granted us the required fund for the project:

micro-struCtural imaging as a Tool for modelinG fibrOus materiALS (mCT-GOALS)

The project aims at developing a new framework for modeling the mechanical behavior of fibrous structures based on non-invasive and direct measurement for their geometrical parameters. The project will develop novel models (theoretical models and image analysis algorithms), as well as experimental techniques (4D scanning) for characterizing the studied materials. This work will create an open-source database for digital models of different fibrous-structures, which will be available to all researchers and will allow more theoretical models to be developed independent from the complexities associated with physical sample production and scanning. This project will also create the conditions for deeper and sustainable collaboration between our institute and our American partner that will extend beyond the lifetime of this project. This collaboration will be realized in the form of: shared publications in prestigious journals, exchange of students and staff, knowledge and technology transfer, mutual organization of international conferences as well as further applications for collaborative research grants.

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